Mastering Instagram Reach And Engagement

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There comes a time - perhaps often as of late - when after crafting what you feel to be the perfect post, it begins to gain some traction and then goes nowhere.

Why is your reach in a struggle?

There comes a time – perhaps often as of late – when after crafting what you feel to be the perfect post, it begins to gain some traction and then goes nowhere. Increasingly, Instagram’s algorithm is burying high-quality posts. Statistics from Instagram itself has told us that up to 70% of your followers may never even see your post in their feed. This isn’t something that should really be all that surprising. Instagram, as of June 2018, has 1 billion monthly active users. One billion users generate a great deal of content, and Instagram is constantly updating their algorithm so as to best sift through the posts. Instagram wants to deliver content users will feel is both relevant and high quality, causing you to keep scrolling. The more you scroll, the more ads you see, and the more money Instagram makes. In short, Instagram wants to deliver high-quality content in order to keep users in the app longer.

It’s the algorithm’s job to determine what content is quality, and what content is not. There is no human element or check of the actual image itself. The picture could be blank but if the post meets the algorithm’s requirements, it will still qualify as “high quality”. The opposite is true as well, and that’s why there are so many issues with Instagram’s algorithm. A post can be perfect, and of amazing quality, but simply fail to meet the algorithm’s expectations, whether that be the number of likes in a given period or the number of followers that interact quickly with the post. Unfortunately, this happens to most mid-tier accounts, disadvantaging them against the biggest accounts whose content is most frequently displayed. In this, the mid-size and small accounts get lost in the abyss.



Common Mistakes & Prevention

As mentioned previously, failing to meet the algorithm’s expectations on a post can be devastating.This section will include tips on preventing some common mistakes that cause posts to fall short of going viral or reaching even a good amount of your followers.

1. Hashtags

The most common error is using too many hashtags or hashtags that are irrelevant to your purpose. When you use a hashtag, Instagram’s algorithm assumes you consider your content high quality by trying to show it to more people. Instagram’s algorithm assumes you consider your own content to be high quality based, in part, on the hashtags you use. Therefore, the more hashtags you associate with your post, the more Instagram will expect of your post. The algorithm’s expectations are fluid; there are no set numbers.

2. An Introduction to Account Scores

Behind every Instagram account is a number that defines how “valuable” it is to the platform overall. For the sake of simplicity, we will say this scale ranks between 1-100. This score is based on three factors: the total followers an account has, the total number of users the account follows, and how much of a “Team Player” the account is.

For total followers, it is very straight forward: the more followers an account has, the more valuable it is to the Instagram community. However, these followers need to be real, active accounts; buying bot followers will not increase this score at all. Building up an account over time with real followers is the only way to increase this component of an account’s score.

Creator or Consumer

Directly related to this is the number of other people an account follows. The more accounts you follow causes Instagram to rank you much higher as a content consumer than a content creator. The number of followers an account has, and a number of accounts it follows, directly tie together as well. For example, if an account has 1,000 followers, and follows 1,000, Instagram views that as a degradation of the creator’s value. Alternately, an account with 100,000 followers that follows 100 people will have a much higher score; significantly higher even than an account equal in followers that follow 1,000 people. This concept is simple and can easily be balanced over time. You can use this feature to create engaging long-form videos promoting your brand and your products, highlighting specific products and their uses, share videos from your events, host interviews and create all kinds of creative video content that will entertain and engage your audience.



When it comes to being a “Team Player,” this all gets a little more complicated. Instagram likes content creators who interact with the community at large and not just the people they follow. Accounts that interact with their followers (those who follow the creator’s account and that the creator doesn’t follow) get a huge bonus.

Even a small account can gain an extremely high account score by being an amazing Team Player. It’s not hard, and when done consistently, it shows Instagram that while you are a content creator, you also care about your community.



If you are ready to rock your Instagram game in 2019, click on the picture below!

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