Instagram Growth Fundamentals

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When thinking about Instagram Growth Fundamentals, you have to forget about fake followers and paid shoutouts. If you don't put in the work there is no chance you will succeed.
When thinking about Instagram Growth Fundamentals, you have to forget about fake followers and paid shoutouts. If you don’t put in the work there is no chance you will succeed. If you want to build an engaging audience you will profit from in the future, you have to give them something original in return. And it will take time to grow to a level where you can start to think about monetization.

10 Important tips that will help you create a great Instagram account

    • Analyze the market/niche you are entering into

      • One of the best tools for a market analysis is Google trends, where you can see the popularity of certain keywords or phases through time.

    • Analyze your competitors on Instagram (focus on already established brands)

        • Find at least 5 Instagram profiles that are already on the top of your niche
      • Follow them for a couple of days and find out:
          • What type of content creates the most engagement?
          • How many times per day do they post?
          • What hashtags do they use?
          • How does their grid look like?
        • What kind of content do they provide in their stories?
    • Think about what kind of unique value will your posts give to your target audience so you will be better/different than your competitors.

  • Define your post quality

      • Resolution of your photos
        • Make sure to save your images at 1280×1280 so they will look great when they get compressed
    • Choose a color scheme for your posts
      • For this, you need to know some basics of photo editing skills but there are a lot of mobile applications that get the job done
Instagram Growth Fundamentals 2018 - Choose a color theme for your Instagram posts

Choosing a color of your Instagram profile can determine a first impression about the quality of your work. It is an important step for building a solid foundation for growth.

  • Create a professional looking brand

    • In my opinion, it is always worth to take a little more time to create everything you need before you start to post. Take your time to think and create something valuable and unique. It will make a huge difference after some time.
Instagram Growth Fundamentals 2018 - GoPro set as the example of a professional looking brand on Instagram

Create a professional looking brand on Instagram

Instagram Growth Fundamentals 2018 - Plan Your Instagram Grid Upfront to achieve Maximum Growth

Planning Your Instagram Grid can be the thing that separates you from the others.

    • Choose a Great Name for your Instagram profile

      • When choosing a name it is important to keep a couple of things in mind:
          • Keep it short
          • Make it unique and original
        • Try to find a free website domain for your name
  • Write an appealing Bio

    • Your bio represents the first impression that your potential followers will get when they discover your profile. So you need to:
        • Capture their attention (Use key points and emojis)
        • Tell what your brand is about
      • Tip: Type your bio in Notepad and paste it in Instagram
  • Choose your profile picture

    • Together with your Bio and your last 6 posts, the profile picture is the first thing people see. It is important that it is:
        • Clear and identifiable from a mobile screen
      • Original and memorable
  • Engage with your followers!

      • More you will engage with people who are interested in your content, more followers you will be able to get
      • Don’t be afraid to start a conversation and create relationships with your followers.
    • Only by putting in the effort you can create an audience with good engagement

Set these Instagram Growth Fundamentals right and you will be able to start growing. If you want to learn more about the new and proven Instagram Growth Fundamentals I kindly invite you to read more.

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Team Instalgic

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