Choose The Best Instagram Hashtags For Growth

The best Instagram hashtag strategy

There a number of tools that specialize in hashtag research. Today we would like to show you how we select hashtags for our accounts with the following free tool display purposes. This is an amazing tool that enables you to see most used hashtags at a specific location, select most relevant ones and see topic related suggestions. It offers deep insights into the world of hashtags and their performance. That is why we would like to feature it to our community.

Which hashtags should I use in my Instagram posts?

Follow these steps to learn how to select your Instagram hashtags.

1. Write down 3 broad keywords that best represent the niche you want to position yourself in.

2. Click the Graph button on the top and enter each keyword – see how they relate to each other (refine your selection of 3 broad keywords)

3. Now enter each of these 3 keywords into Search tab and select 10 best hashtags from the search – IMPORTANT: Do not use spammy hashtags like “follow4follow”

4. Now you should have 3 big topic hashtags and 30 selected tags from the searches. Eliminate 10 hashtags that you feel won’t catch your target audience

5. Think of 2 completely new hashtags that will represent your brand.

Your first hashtag package is complete! You have just selected 3 core topics,  20 rising star hashtags and invented 2 new/brand related tags. Now you are prepared to help your amazing content to perform the best on the Instagram platform.

What kind of method do you use? You are welcome to share any tools & strategies for best hashtag research.

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