7 Best Content Creation Tools For Instagram

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There are many widely available tools that you can use for editing your photos, videos, designing posts, and content creation in general. These are tools that save our lives every day and enable us the level of creativity that we are producing.
Content Creation Tools That Will Make You An Instagram Ninja
There are many widely available tools that you can use for editing your photos, videos, designing posts, and content creation in general. These are tools that save our lives every day and enable us the level of creativity that we are producing.
If you need specific, high-quality photos or videos, there is good chance footage like that already exists on the Internet. This is where you can start taking advantage of stock footage. Fortunately, cameras are so widely available today that there exists a very large amount of high-quality stock footage that you can use for free.

Content Creation Tools  – Overview

Of course, some of the best possible content would be created with a DSLR, an expensive, serious camera. You can find endless, amazing free tutorials on the internet on how to use one.
But, fortunately for us, modern technology is incredible and gets better and better by the day, and I’m willing to bet all of you reading this have access to a mobile phone with a decent camera.
Thankfully, smartphones, while incredibly small, have some seriously advanced automatic features so you barely even need to know the properties of a camera before you’re able to take some pretty decent shots.
Now, if you want to do advanced graphic design or photography work, knowledge of software like Photoshop, Lightroom, or Premiere is essential in order to edit and create original, specific content. However, we will be focusing on apps and techniques that get the most done in the least amount of time. These apps are great because they offer a wide range of modern and good-looking elements (patterns, templates, colors, fonts & typography, etc.) that you can quickly edit to your own liking. These apps are frequently updated with the latest trends and are already ready to export images with the correct dimensions for all of your social media needs.


TEMPLATESCan be used for: Graphic design, image editing & post-processing, video editing Difficulty: Medium-Advanced Flexibility: Highest Cost: Mostly Paid & Some Free Available: Desktop
From free to paid ones, there are thousands of templates and ready-done graphics on the internet that you can download for Photoshop, After Effects and other editing programs.
Templates can speed up your workflow by a ton, give you a lot of flexibility, and will also teach you how to use them through reverse engineering. Templates come in first on this list for a very specific reason; because all the following tools for content creation are their own variation of templates.


    • Can be used for: Graphic design & basic image post-processing
    • Difficulty: Easy Flexibility: High Cost: Mostly Free & Some Paid
  • Available: Desktop, IOS, and Android

Canva is the king of content creation. With plenty of ready-made formats for all kinds of social media posts, you can easily choose a beautiful preset and edit it to create good-looking designs in minutes.
If you have absolutely no knowledge of design, this is the place to start. Just take a look at their Instagram feed to have an idea of the kind of things you can produce.
Besides being one of the most advanced in terms of features, Canva also offers a ridiculous amount of content (templates, fonts, images, etc.) for free, allowing you to achieve a lot without the necessity to upgrade.
Brands of all sizes use Canva to create social media images without needing to rely on professional designers.


    • Can be used for: Graphic design, basic image post-processing, basic video editing
    • Difficulty: Easy Flexibility: High Cost: Paid & Free
  • Available: Desktop, iOs and Android (soon)
Adobe spark is great, in fact, it has many great workflow speeding-up features that even Adobe Photoshop doesn’t have. It’s similar, but not exactly like Canva. Depending on the type of content you use, you might get an Adobe Spark watermark (which can be very easily removed with Photoshop).


    • Can be used for:Graphic design & basic image post-processing
    • Difficulty: Easy Flexibility: Medium-Low Cost: Mostly Paid & Free
  • Available: IOs and Android
Specifically designed to easily create beautiful Stories, Over is a graphic design app that you can use to quickly get great looking graphics for your Instagram posting needs. All of their available templates and fonts are trendy and good looking, so it’s hard to design something that doesn’t look great with this app.


    • Can be used for: Advanced Image post-processing & basic editing
    • Difficulty: Easy-Medium
    • Flexibility: High
    • Cost: Free
  • Available: IOs and Android

SnapSeed is one of the most advanced mobile apps for post-processing your photos.
It’s better than Lightroom mobile and VSCO in nearly all aspects, not to mention that it’s free. Forget about “applying filters”. Here you control and change colors and other image properties individually to your liking. Remove blemishes or even objects from photos. If you want to move your photo editing to mobile, this is the app to go with.


    • Can be used for: Video Editing
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Flexibility: Medium
    • Cost: Free
  • Available: Desktop, IOs, and Android

Video editing is a tough and time-consuming job, and GoPro knows that very well. Quik is a video editor created by GoPro to try and solve that issue.
They put a lot of effort into automatic video editing through AI.  All you have to do is feed the app your videos, photos, and music, and it will create videos with a certain degree of flexibility. It actually does a very good job considering that some of the videos it creates could take days to edit manually.
It’s important to note that the desktop version only allows you to import GoPro content, so the mobile app is quite more flexible.


    • Can be used for: Video Editing
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Flexibility: Medium-High
    • Cost: Mostly Paid & Free
  • Available: Desktop, IOs, and Android
Similarly to Quik, Magisto is an advanced AI, automatic video editor. I tested it and had very impressive results from it on the desktop (online) platform. I couldn’t believe some of the videos it produced were automatically edited and didn’t have any manual editing. It delivered results that were better than Quik (It seems their AI is more advanced), but if you want high-resolution content, you will have to pay a subscription.

FIVERR (Outsourcing) 

If you don’t have time, but you have some money which you can put towards outsourcing your content needs – Fiverr is a quick, cheap, and dirty way to do this.
You should know that nearly any sort of graphics work you order through fiver (from logos to posters or social media content) will be done using templates and the free tools that were mentioned previously. Don’t expect anyone to design or conceive anything from scratch for $5 (or even $50). Sometimes going for the most experienced, well-reviewed members is a bad idea because these are the ones that are full of work and will deliver weaker content.
I personally have had better luck with growing members because they are more eager to grow and will put more work into your projects in order to get 5-star ratings. Don’t hire anyone who already has 5+ projects booked because they will rush things even more.
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