5 Facts That Will Help You Grow Your Business On Instagram

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These are 5 Most Important Instagram Facts You Need To Know if you want to use your Instagram account as your marketing and sales channel. The first thing you need to do is to Learn how Instagram works.
5 Instagram Facts That Will Help You Grow Your Business
These are 5 Most Important Instagram Facts You Need To Know if you want to use your Instagram account as your marketing and sales channel. The first thing you need to do is to Learn how Instagram works. I have researched and tested it for a quite some time. Now I would like to share these techniques with you.
The most common misconception among the majority of Instagram users is: »Posting amazing content is enough.«, however, there is so much more you need to take into account when thinking of growing your Instagram account. If you want to read a complete guide on How to grow More Instagram Followers In 2018, I kindly invite you to read this.
If you want to use your Instagram account as your marketing channel, the first thing you need to do is to Learn how Instagram works.

5 Facts That Will Help You Grow Your Business On Instagram

  • Instagram Is An Interest-Feed, Not A Social Network

5 most important Instagram facts - rick&morty instagram feed

Instagram is an interest-feed, not a social network

When it comes to your business account, you need to stop managing it as if it would be your personal one. You don’t need to follow everyone you know (and completely mess-up your target audience), but you need to follow and engage with people or brands who would be interested in your content. If you treat your business Instagram profile like that, you will help Instagram’s algorithm to find similar accounts based on your target audience.

So as cold as it may sound, you need to start unfollowing your friends. It doesn’t mean you don’t love them, it just means you want to help the algorithm to tell you if the picture that you are seeing on your feed is relevant to your business. If you look at the picture above, you can see an example of a combination of interests – No Man’s Sky and Rick&Morty. So if you would like to sell theme based custom design T-Shirts you have to like pictures of the people, who are already fans of similar accounts (and don’t like pictures of your friends’ breakfast, because it hurts your business)!

Forget about fake followers and paid shoutouts. If you don’t put in the work there is no chance you will succeed. If you want to build an engaging audience you will profit from in the future, you have to give them something original in return. And it will take time to grow to a level where you can start to think about monetization.

Always remember – content is the king. If you are good enough, good things will happen to you. If you don’t achieve results you would like to achieve (and you already use all the techniques to create traffic to your profile), your content needs to be improved – read 5 tips that will make you a rockstar mobile photographer.

  • Can you make money on Instagram? People do make more than a few bucks…

5 most important Instagram facts - Make a living from Instagram profile

When Your Grow your profile the right way, your posts become worth a small fortune.

Are You not sure How to Make Money On Instagram in 2018? I have a great news for you. Making money based on your social media presence is just getting started. 

The Instagram advertising network is still in its early stage so it often gets overlooked by most internet marketers. It is very new and untested because it is based on »Building a solid Brand« principle – you have to build a good relationship and engagement with your audience to create sales. In general, we can see a shift from cold advertising (My product is the best so buy it) to relationship building advertising (like the famous »think different«) in most organizations.

Yes, it is possible to make a lot of money on Instagram in 2018 and now it is the time to start. You just need to do it right. And when I am talking about making a living I don’t mean 200$ a week, but 100-thousands or even millions per year. However only reading this will not make you reach and certainly not overnight. Start doing things properly and after some time, you will be able to make a lot of money. Set some short and long-term goals (I would suggest 1 year-short and 5 years- long term) and invest some time in it every day.

  • How long will it take?

5 most important Instagram facts - Patience is the key

Developing your Instagram account the right way won’t be easy. It will take a long time and hard work.

This highly depends on the quality, originality (take a look at 6 tools to enhance your creativity on Instagram), the number of posts and competition in your selected niche. I suggest to prepare yourself for a couple of years of hard work. Already in the process of growing, you will get new opportunities, meet new people and learn. You will need this knowledge when you will have huge amounts of followers and you will need to seek new ways to grow. One of the coolest things about Instagram for me is to be able to base myself in any niche (or market segment) that interests me.

It is best to choose a niche you are passionate about because then all your hard work will transform into having fun. If you are up for a little challenge (like me), you will base yourself in all niches that interest you. Maybe this would be one of the best investment decisions when you will look back, who knows.

  • Do I need to spend money if I want to grow my Instagram account?

Definitely not. All of the techniques described here can be done for free, but you will need to invest more of your time instead of your money. Sometimes it can be extremely hard to do everything by yourself – working for a living, creating amazing content and making sure people will see it. If you are in a situation where your time is starting to become more and more valuable, learn to properly invest your money to create more time for yourself. If you can do this full time and you are up for a challenge, It may take you longer to succeed, but you will be able to learn from your mistakes.

5 Facts That Will Help You Grow Your Business On Instagram – To sum up.


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